Ocotillo Herpetofauna & Invertebrates’ Rodent Breeding Facility El Paso, Texas



Bedding: We use fine flake pine shavings at our facility purchased locally in El Paso, Texas. Breeding pans are sterilized and changed weekly.


Mouse Bloodlines: We currently have three bloodlines in production to include two albino lines and a fancy mouse line. New bloodlines will be added as needed.


Feed: We use Mazuri Rodent Breeder 5M30 or equivalent exclusively.


Water: Fresh filtered water is delivered via an automatic watering system.


Facility: Our animals are maintained in an air conditioned and heated building in central El Paso, Texas. 


Production: We currently maintain 1500 breeding females and we produce close to 10,000 mice a month.


Husbandry & Cleanliness: Maintained to AZA zoo standards. Chlorohexadine and bleach are used as sterilizing agents.


Consulting Veterinarian: Dr. George Gibson, Eastwood Animal Clinic, 9509 Montana Avenue, El Paso, Texas, 79925. 915-593-0713.


Other Species: We are currently building breeding colonies of gerbils, hairless rats, African soft fur rats, several breeds of hamsters and feeder roaches. At present these species are not available but we will have them available soon. Please let us know if you are looking for any additional mammals and we will consider adding them to the colony. 

Under Construction...